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Kalymnos is a unique Island in Greece

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Rock climbing courses hiking trekking on Kalymnos Island in Greece

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Kalymnos is a unique Island


When God created the Earth, at the end of his hard work he remained with only some rocks in his hands. As he was tired, God threw the stones into the Sea and thus Kalymnos was born. Now the Greek inhabitants of the Island are claiming that God had created Kalymnos for the climbers: it is really a scrambling paradise for everybody. From beginners to experts: everyone finds his suitable routes. Kalymnos is the ideal place for our instruction, guiding, personal tuition and courses: everywhere there are easy routes on multicolor rocks, turquoise sea, blue sky, warm sun. Kalymnos is a small Greek island which makes part of the Dodecanese archipelago. It is located North of the well-known island of Kos, not far from Rhodes and the Turkish coast of Bodrum. Kalymnos' dimensions are ca. 25 x 10 km. In the past the island used to be famous for its sponge divers. The normal tourism is not invasive and the climbers have started to come here only since 1998. The best periods to come here are spring and fall. The summer is extremely hot and the likelihood of very strong and long-lasting winds is rather high. The climate is very mild and dry throughout the whole year. Rainy days are rare and mostly during winter-time. (PLEASE SEE THE DATES OF OUR COURSE PROPOSALS). Languages spoken: English, Greek. Currency: EURO. Passport is necessary for non EU travellers, otherwise the identity card is enough. If in doubt, please check with your consulate or travel agency. OUR SCHOOL IS ABLE TO OFFER A FULL PACKAGE OF FLIGHT + HOTEL + CLIMBING COURSE by an connected agency, specialized in travel to the islands of Greece.

How to get to Kalymnos

How do you get to Greece and Kalymnos Island? Please forget a "romantic cruise" from Athens by ferry (10-12 hrs.): we have tried this terrible trip ourself and we are convinced that this is not the best way to reach Kalymnos Island !
You get there by plane to Athens from all major European and international airports. After the construction of the new airport on Kalymnos, the most direct way to reach the Island would be a domestic flight from Athens to Kalymnos but the poor connections of flights between Athen and Kalymnos and the strange schedules may force you to spend the night at the airport of Athens ! Sometimes it is convenient book flights online with AEGEAN AIRLINES - OLYMPICAIR - RYANAIR to Athens and Kos. From the harbour of Kos you take a ferryboat to Kalymnos Island (ca. 30 min.). As you can see Kalymnos cannot be reached as easy as it seems: depending on your flight schedule it might be necessary to spend an extra night in Athens or on the island of Kos. Timetables and conditions to reach the island of Kalymnos are changing almost every season, anyway we are able to provide you directly with useful information. How to get around on the Kalymnos Island: by scooter with automatic gear, suitable for 2 people (please bring along your drivers license and wind-proof jacket) or by rent-a-car. (Cost for a scooter per day: ca. EUR 15 - 20; rent-a-car per day: ca. EUR 40 - 45).

Accommodation on Kalymnos Island

Up to the year 2000 the hotels on Kalymnos have been open only from June through September. The first rock climbers which came to Kalymnos found their first roof over their head in the so-called "studios": small apartments with kitchen, bedroom, balcony or terrace. The cleanliness and furniture however was not very much acceptable. Some of them are still in the same condition as years ago and so it happens that you reserve in internet a very "romantic" studios on Kalymnos with seaview for only 22 Euros per night and when the night is over you leave disappointed the next morning: either you try to experience on your own or you trust our recommendations because we know exactly which accommodation on the Island you should avoid. Good studios on Kalymnos or generally in Greece cost from 40 to 50 Euros per night, the same price you have to pay for a hotel room BB. The climbers are mostly staying in the so-called "studios" which is the local name for a holiday flat. The studios on Kalymnos Island are furnished with a small kitchen, private bathroom and a porch. Our local collaborators are the owners and managers of the studios which are available for 2 up to 3 people. We can give you a hand with the reservation of a hotel room or the studios for 2-3 persons and the scooter for the duration of climbing course. The studios are very nice and clean; the price is from 40 to 50 Euro per day. There are various small restaurants (Taverna) where you can eat local and international food at very reasonable prices. The locals most of whom speak English, are very gentle and friendly towards the climbers or trekkers.

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Rock climbing and crags


The history of climbing on Kalymnos is very recent. Only in 1996, an Italian climbers couple has discovered Kalymnos as a climbers' paradise. Kalymnos offers a great number and variety of lime stone rocks with different kinds of difficulty degrees (overhangs, caves with stalactites, slabs...). At the moment there are about 50 crags with more than 1000 single pitch routes. There are also some multi-pitch routes available. During our last rock climbing courses on Kalymnos Island we have visited some sectors which have been just recently opened. In particular we have climbed in those areas where there are almost only easy routes from 4a to 6a, also suitable for beginners. We have been climbing in recently opened sectors on fantastic and still stinging rocks with routes that sometimes exceed 30 meters. Wherever you are you can enjoy the panorama, uncontaminated nature and the blue sea typical for Kalymnos. We recommend to wear long, technical climbing trousers both to avoid the pungent shrubs and to protect the knees during climbing. On the new, easy and sharp slabs of Kalymnos, falling while leading is absolutely to be avoided.
OUR OFFER INCLUDES A: 5-DAY-CLIMBING COURSE with an internationally licensed MOUNTAIN GUIDE (language: English, German, Italian), rent of apartment or double room in Hotel (B & B) for two or three persons, five nights, rent of the general technical rock climbing material such as rope, quickdraws, carabiners.

The sea and the beaches of Kalymnos


Kalymnos is best known as the island of some of the world' s finest sponge divers. The sea has always been a central element in the local life which has preserved its traditional character colour and style to a great extent - nowadays Kalymnos island is part of a protected National Marine Park. Most of the beaches are rocky and you will find crystal clear turquoise water. The "normal" tourism on Kalymnos is rather limited. We offer a snorkelling tour accompanied by a divemaster (CMAS diploma) who can also give you useful advise regarding freediving immersions in apnea. Your divemaster is also prepared to accompany the participants snorkelling during their "time-off" from rock climbing. The water temperature in the periods which we are offering is between 18 C in spring and around 22 C in fall. We recommend to bring a light wetsuit (3-5 mm), fins and mask. In the Vlychadia Bay there is a private diving museum: it contains all memorabilia (including remnants of war) which an old diver of Kalymnos named ... has collected in about 60 years of activity. We recommend to visit the Museum which we found to be one of the most interesting spots on the island of Kalymnos.
We especially recommend a visit of the wild Island of Telendos where the new rock climbing crags, the crystal clear water of the sea and the white gravel beaches fulfill the concept of Kalymnos - climbing and sea.

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Our rock climbing course on Kalymnos

Starting dates 18 - 41 / 2016 upon request
No. of participants: 4 - 5 Price: Euro 790,00 per person
Duration 5 days
on Kalymnos
day 1 - Crag Arhi - climbing top-rope and rope manoeuvres from 4c to ...
day 2 - Crag Kasteli - climbing technique in leading or top-rope 4b - 6a
day 3 - Crag Odyssey - leading climb or top-rope difficulty 5b to ...
day 4 - Crag Palace - leading tactics or climbing top-rope from 5c to ...
day 5 - Crag Telendos - climbing in leading or top-rope difficulty 6a - 6b
NB: The program is subject to changes according to weather conditions, climbing capacity or requests of the participants.
Our scope of
on Kalymnos
- a five-day-climbing course: guidance/supervision of an internationally licensed mountain guide (language: English, German, Italian), rent of the general rock climbing material such as rope, quickdraws, carabiners. The goal of most participants in the courses is to go climbing independently and to "lead". In the beginning of the course we still climb top-rope on difficult routes trying to reach the limit our your climbing capacity with the objective to attain a higher climbing degree, to correct possible mistakes and to refine your climbing technique. Next step in the course is advanced rope and climbing techniques for climbers who are 'leading'. The success of the course depends of course on the participants' prior experience and a small number of participants. The duration of climbing instruction is ca. 5-6 hours per day.
- Rent of apartment or double room in Hotel (B & B) on kalymnos Island for two or three persons, five nights, is included in the price of our proposal (Food and rent-a-car or scooter excluded. Supplement for single room: Euro 45,00)
What to bring
to Kalymnos
Helmet - harness - climbing shoes - chalk- chalkbag - backpack - bottle - light wetsuit (3-5 mm) - fins - mask - snorkel - windcheater.
For further quick information, please do not hesitate contact Karin or Delio: +39 338 699 2778
for Kalymnos
Per e-mail to: guide@alpinguide.com

Kalymnos Island Greece
Individual tuition and personal rock climbing course

This proposal, valid for two persons, is also dedicated to people who due to business reasons or certain dates of school holidays are not able to match their needs with our calendar program dates of our rock climbing courses on Kalymnos Island.
Often we are receiving special requests from individual guests who would like to participate in our rock climbing holiday trips to Kalymnos island with just 2 people, with only their partner or a friend and without other participants. We are happy to meet the special requests and expectations from people who have specific date requests or certain requirements regarding the program of the course.
During a customized individual rock climbing course our mountain guide is able to transmit profound knowledge and to dedicate completely to your own requirements and capacities.
The rate of the base course EUR 990,00 and included:
- accommodation in one of the best Hotels in Kalymnos, directly to the beaces
- Individual tuition from a English speaking Mountain Guide
- We make available rope, carabiner, quickdraw and belaying gear (the participants must bring their own helmet, harness, rock climbing shoes, chalk and chalkbag)
For further information or short-term bookings, please do not hesitate to contact our School Director (Delio 0039 338 699 2778).

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